Warranty And Care


Ayala Bar jewellery is handcrafted so there will be slight variations from piece to piece.

These do not reflect product flaws, but instead make each piece unique. Should your jewellery become damaged due to defects in workmanship, the item will be repaired.

By treating your Ayala Bar with the utmost care, you will be able to enjoy our jewellery for many years to come.



  • Treat your jewellery carefully.
  • Don’t expose your jewellery to a hot day at the beach or an intensive workout.
  • Remove while showering, swimming, and exercising.
  • The fastest way to tarnish your jewellery is by contact with moisture and liquids. This includes putting on lotions, washing your hands, a spritz of perfume, and sweating with your jewels on. Even the oils on your skin can wear down the plating and metals over time.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals (hairspray, perfume, body lotion, bleach, etc.).
  • Do not place directly in water.
  • Never use detergents, or any chemical cleaners or polishes.
  • Clean gently with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Don’t leave jewellery in the bathroom. Humidity can speed up the oxidation process that produces tarnish.
  • The best way to prevent tarnishing is to store in a dry airtight container, like a Ziplock bag.
  • Make sure you get rid of as much air as possible before sealing it. With the air removed, the metal won't be able to oxidize from the air.